R Resources

  1. The R Project for Statistical Computing
  2. The R Manuals
  3. RStudio
  4. R-Bloggers.com
  5. R Packages Documentation (ianhowson.com) 
  6. R directory
  7. DataCamp R Interactive Web Interface
  8. Rweb
  9. Burns Statistics 21 R navigation tools
  10. Applied R: Manual for the quantitative social scientist
  11. R Tutorials by ENDMEMO
  12. R Tutorials by William B. King – Coastal Carolina University
  13. Free 100 Online tutorials and Resources in University webpages From Pairach
  14. General guides From Pairach
  15. 18 Free Tutorials for Learning R Programming From Skilledup
  16. 60+ R resources to improve your data skills
  17. UCLA Resources to help you learn and use R 
  18. Gaston Sanchez Teaching Materials
  19. Germán Rodríguez, Office of Population Research, Princeton University
  20. Do it yourself Introduction to R From Research and Statistical Support of University of North Texas
  21. HYNDSIGHT – A blog by Rob J Hyndman
  22. ggplot2 Quick Reference
  23. Beautiful plotting in R: A ggplot2 cheatsheet
  24. Courses Taught by Hadley Wickham
  25. ggplot2 Org
  26. AVML 2012: ggplot2
  27. ggplot2 Help Topics
  28. Jennifer Bryan Resources Page
  29. Flowing Data Tutorials – Visualization
  30. R Graph Catalog
  31. R graph gallery
  32. R Graphical Manual
  33. Penn State University – Topics in R Statistical Language
  34. Penn State University -Intermediate Topics in R Statistical Language
  35. University of British Columbia R.E.A.L – R Analysis
  36. Basics of Matrix Algebra with R
  37. Getting Started with R — R Ladies Wiki
  38. Swirl:Learn R, in R
  39. R Packages by Hadley Wickham
  40. Plotly
  41. R Statistics.Net
  42. Mathematical Annotation in R
  43. ThinkToStart R Tutorials
  44.  R programming Wikibook
  45. R Programming – Help, How-To’s, and Examples
  46. R Examples
  47. R Spatial Tips
  48. Hands-On Data Science with R
  49. John Fox’s web site
  50. Climate Charts & Graphs I
  51. The R Clinic

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